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The Reorganization of One Hedge (upcoming)

In an absurd endeavour to know a thing from every point in time, a Common Laurel was photographed during the course of a day and the leaves collaged into a gradient. The result is a new hedge that is not defined by space but by time--a kind of temporal cubism. The spectrum will be printed onto a glass skylight making it into a giant projector that casts the leafy pattern, in varying degrees of sharpness, into the corridor below, and onto the ground outside. The project is for Kennedy Station of the Toronto Subway System.

Fountain for Chemnitz City Market (Chemnitz 2019, 3rd Prize)

The City of Chemnitz ran a public art competition for the design of a fountain for its market square. My proposal was a fountain whose water height was determined by sea level data. The higher the sea level, the higher the stream. Ironically, the more majestic the fountain looks, the more danger it forebodes. The proposal won 3rd Prize in the international public art competition.

LEITLINIEN (Berlin 2019, 2nd Prize)

A two-tone terrazzo floor was designed for the Ministry of the Interior in Berlin. The proposal won 2nd prize in an international public art competition.

The Sky's the Limit (2015)

As part of the Remai Modern's prelaunch programming, a durational smoke drawing was presented. The pilot traced the figure 8 in the sky over Saskatoon's downtown until he ran out of smoke.

Baby, it's cold inside (2015)

Ann Arbor Art Center's Aquarium Gallery was transformed into a freezer filled with snow. Flipping the title of the 1944 duet inside out, Baby, it's cold outside, the piece alludes to the often alienating interior space of the gallery and its various attempts at using public address to reach a wider audience.

a really really big doodle! (2014)

As part of Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener + Area's Biennial, the Charles & Benton Garage was covered by a five-storey doodle. Based on earlier drawings where I combined gestural strokes with architectural forms, I decided transfer the process onto an actual building. The absent-minded doodle contrasts automatic drawing with industrial design.

Building Disaster (2011)

This work was made by tracing different views of Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science and using its elements to digitally create new drawings that verge on abstraction. The Palace was built in the style of Socialist Realism, which was, ironically, based on turn-of-the-century American architecture. The most recent incarnation of this work can be found amidst its stylistic origins in the US, in a Chelsea brownstone on 421 W22nd Street.

-My piece Limp Landscape will be part of the group show In & Out of Saskatchewan at the Art Museum of the University of Toronto.

-I have been shortlisted for the International Awards in Art Criticism. Read the article here.