On Paper
Public Space


+49 (0)1573 1834 625

Reorganization of One Hedge
-Toronto, planned for 2022

a really really big doodle! (2014)
-Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada

Leitlinien (2nd prize)
-2019, Berlin

Chemnitz Fountain (3rd prize)
-2019, Chemnitz, Germany

The Sky's the Limit (2015)
-durational performance
Saskatoon, Canada

Baby, it's cold inside (2015)
-window project

Building Disaster (2011)
-wallwork in Chelsea, NYC

Spielplatz SK 2021
-shortlist, closed competition
Berlin (2020)

You are invited to an exchange of correspondence during the isolation forced upon us by the pandemic. All you need is a postcard-sized piece of paper onto which you can make a drawing, print a photo, write a poem or your favorite family recipe – whatever gets you through this exceptional time.

In return I will send you a drawing on a 12 x 17 cm card. The goal is, rather than to post online, to use the original post, to directly send a message.

Please contact me for further information and to exchange addresses. Read more here. I look forward to hearing from you.