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12x17cm 13.6x10.4cm

Contributors (from left to right): Sylvia Matas, Winnipeg; Njo Kong Kie, Toronto; Craig Love, Winnipeg; Rachel Duckhouse, Glasgow; Luke Siemens, Toronto; Regine Ehleiter, Berlin. For more information click here.

You are invited to an exchange of correspondence during the isolation forced upon us by the pandemic. All you need is a postcard-sized piece of paper onto which you can make a drawing, print a photo, write a poem or your favorite family recipe – whatever gets you through this exceptional time.

In return I will send you a drawing on a 12 x 17 cm card. The goal is, rather than to post online, to use the original post, to directly send a message.

Please contact me for further information and to exchange addresses. Read more here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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At first cancelled, then postponed, and postponed again, the group show, The Body of Drawing at oqbo: raum für bild wort ton will happen at last. It opens April 10 from 2 to 7pm. Please join us with your negative corona test--either a self-test or an official one, or contact me and we will set up an individual meeting to see the show.


I would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for its support.